When Millie was just 2 years old, she developed a herniated a disc in her spine which required surgery. It was a terrible ordeal for her, and I never want to see her go through it again. Very late one night, about 4 years after the surgery, we could see she was experiencing mobility issues in her neck and back spasms that were actually visible. I began texting with my friends who have dogs with back problems and one of them said "call Leo." I'd heard many times over the years that there was a Chiropractor, Dr. Leo Rosenberg, who could work wonders for dogs with joint and back problems. In fact, I had been told that he helped many dogs avoid surgery - surgery that had been vet-recommended. That night we left a message at Pets in Motion, got a call the next morning and saw Dr. Leo in the afternoon. Millie drooled all the way home from her appointment and looked so pitiful. However, that evening, she was back to her old self - with full mobility and playing with Joey.

A week later en route to our follow-up appointment, I found out that we would be seeing Leo's son, Dr. Matt. I was irrationally nervous - I had never even heard of  Dr. Matt. Dr. Leo was the name I'd heard over and over for the past 8 years. What if Matt wasn't as good? When I saw him, I thought "but he's just a kid!" Then we went into the treatment room, and as soon as he put his hands on my dog, all my reservations went away. It was clear he loved dogs, and our dog loved him. He was gentle, funny and professional. From then on, it never mattered to us who was treating Millie.

On Tuesday, when I heard the news of Matt's passing, I was shocked and saddened. My first thought was "but he's just a kid!" The animal world has lost a true healer and I'll never forget what he did for my dogs and so many others. As the news spreads, I realized that I'm even more connected to the Rosenbergs than I knew before. Matt will forever be remembered.

"If the love that surrounds you can heal, I tell you, we're doing pretty well." - Dr. Leo