I hope you've never lived the experience of losing a pet. The not knowing, fearing the worst, the sleepless nights...every pet owner can at least imagine the nightmare. It's no secret that over here at OMD, we're passionate about reuniting missing pets and owners, and very keen on spreading the message of prevention! So please join us and help us help missing pets.

Our group, Lost and Found Pets Toronto, is co-hosting a fundraiser on June 25 with our sponsors Barkside Bistro & Tailspin Petworx. Organized by artist, Sharin Barber.

Admission is free!

The event kicks off at 3:00 PM with a brief seminar regarding lost dog prevention.  After that, it's all about the free food/drinks and the RAFFLE. Check out the event page more information about the available prizes, but to give you an idea, we're raffling off gifts from Nike, Mosher Originals dog coats, a bike tune up from Gears in the Canary District, beautiful artwork, books and MORE.

Why Fundraise?

So far LFPT has raised enough money to purchase a large trap and two trail cameras. Our next goal is a laser printer and several lost pet poster kits. Beyond that, more traps and cameras, binoculars and night vision.

Hope to see you there!