So here's the thing. Those of you with well-trained dogs who stick close-by and come when called, feel you've the right to let your dogs off leash in any park, at anytime since your dogs don't disturb others.  Well, you don't. BUT if it were only you guys behaving this way, no one would complain. It is those with less obedient dogs who've ruined it for the majority. And it is mostly they who have created dog haters in our city.

I detest our Mayor as much as the next person, but I want to point out he's not "going after" all off-leash dogs, just off-leash dogs in non designated areas.

Think of Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto with it's massive leash-free area, AKA "the bowl". At any given time, you will see dozens of dogs scattered around the non leash-free zone. Most of them will be acting appropriately and sticking to their corner with their people. But at least 6 of them will be out of control, 200 feet from their owner, running through the playground and charging up to on-leash  DINOS, children and picnickers. The closest to my own heart however, is the DINOS. Someone with Dog(s) In Need Of Space, has every right to use green space that's intended for the public, including leashed dogs.

Here's a list of off-leash parks in Toronto. Here's how to request an off-leash zone in your park. And here's a list of parks that have already had applications denied, and the reasons why.

That's my 2 cents.