A big win for the dog walking industry! Shannon joins the oh my dog! team officially this week, after some extensive training with both Katie and me over the last couple of weeks.Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 8.33.26 AM I first met Shannon a year ago during my feral cat rescue work, and took to her immediately. Many of you will recognize her from Queen West Animal Hospital where she’s been the past 3 years (and will remain part time). Prior to that, she was an animal shelter worker for 4 years.

Shannon fits in so well at OMD because she believes in continuing education and often attends seminars on dog training, body language and behaviour. She’s extremely safety conscious, gentle, and unfazed by the various roadblocks and unexpected glitches that inevitably pop up in a day in the life of a dog walker.

Personally Speaking:

Shannon grew up with German shepherds, Dobermans, pit bulls and she’s madly in love with her Miniature American Eskimo, Lukah. She’s also an avid cat lover and rescuer. To keep her our of trouble with the law, we won’t discuss exactly how many cats she’s currently letting rule her household.

A Note for Xmas Time:

Shannon has a small obsession with Gargoyles and collects them.  No cat figurines, please.

More Stuff:

If you know me personally, or follow this blog, you know how seriously I take this job, and how important it is to hold this industry to the highest standards. So finding people that I trust, who I know will do an excellent job, doesn’t happen everyday. I feel so lucky to have found Shannon (and Katie).