Last week one of the dogs we walk received a combination of vaccines. She's young, healthy and spry, but shortly afterwards, she had at least two seizures. And you remember Nina, the woman suing her vet because her dog died shortly after being vaccinated? With more and more stories like these, people are beginning to question the safety of repeated boosters. And rightly so. In the US there is an ongoing study called The Rabies Challenge Fund. By proving that immunity lasts longer than 1-3 years, they're aiming to change the rabies booster laws in order to spare dogs undue suffering, sickness and early death. (btw, they're almost at their fundraising goal - every little bit helps!)

If you're convinced that your dog must be vaccinated repeatedly, there is an alternative: The Titer Test.

Decisions like this are too important, so please make sure it's an informed one.