Louis CK has a funny bit about dog ownership. He jokes about how bringing home a puppy essentially begins a "countdown to sorrow" for the entire family. He's right, in a way. But I've asked many dog owners if they would have traded a second of their dog's life to not go through that unbearable grief. So far it's a unanimous "no way". A year ago, today in fact, I watched my best friend make the decision. Blazer had been Yvette's companion for 12 years and he truly was one the great ones. It was raw and gut wrenching and I'll never forget it. Β It made me swear that I would never ever get another dog and she did the same. Just over seven moths later, Yvette opened herself back up and took the plunge. (meet CeCe)

If she can, we all can. After all, it would be selfish of us not to 'cause we're such awesome owners :) Please see her amazing blog entry about when it's time to let go, and what you can expect afterwards. It has helped many people, so please share it with anyone you know that might me struggling with deciding when the time is right, or someone who is already grieving.