Some of you might know from a previous post, that I'm obsessed with dogs beds. And considering how much time my dogs spend on the couch, I really have far too many. Over the holidays, two clients treated me to gift certificates from Timmie Dog Outfitters, one of my favourite local pet stores. They were burning a hole in my pocket, so I headed down to Queen & Walnut to peruse the shop. I spied a beautiful plush bed with with the Union Jack on it, and inquired about the price and where it came from. The cost was very reasonable, and the bed was designed and made in Toronto, which I absolutely love.

The only thing holding me back was that the bed was flat, and my dogs really appreciate something to lean on. I asked George if the company, Aviva, would do a custom order: the same bed, but with 4 bumpers. When I received the quote it was pretty much as I expected, and considering the gift certificates, how could I not treat us to such a beautiful bed?

Thanks again to my awesome clients who helped me spoil my dogs…and myself!


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