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Pet Food Recalls and Protecting Your Pet

Every time I hear about a new pet food recall, I cringe. I know that my own dogs will be unaffected since I home cook, and that offers relief. But I immediately check the updated recall list to see if any of my dog walking clients will be affected. Yes, I know what almost every dog on my roster eats...I'm like that! In the most recent case at Diamond Foods, the main concern is for the well-being of the humans in the house, especially the very young or elderly. Not to say dogs can't become ill from salmonella, they can, but they're not as sensitive to it as we are.

So what steps can you take to protect your dogs and your family? Well aside from preparing your own food, education is a huge factor. I strongly encourage all pet owners to read this well-written article which helps identify the major industry players, ingredients, label rules, industry standards, manufacturing processes, etc.

Recently I posted a very short list of commercial products I feel are "safe," which could help you in decision making. But the key really is to arm yourself with the knowledge that will allow you to identify products that are good for your dog.

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