Hi! I'm Christine, and I walk dogs in Toronto. I started oh my dog! in September 2003 and I've never looked back. I keep my service area and the size of my company very small so that I can provide not just a professional, punctual service, but also a personal one. 
Dog walking just isn't like most businesses. I don’t just come into your home each day – I leave with a member of your family. I’ve never taken this for granted. I know that becoming a part of your dog’s life means becoming a part of yours, too.
When I became a dog walker I was already a “dog person;” meaning I knew about dogs, grew up around dogs, loved dogs and had a dog of my own. For many dog walkers it might stop there. However, I became a dog nerd and fully embraced the life. I read up on canine body language and calming signals, positive reinforcement training, and nutrition. I regularly attend seminars on training, diet, health, and have completed a certificate course in canine nutrition.  And perhaps the most important part of my education, I let the dogs teach me. After all, they are constantly communicating.
I literally learn something new everyday and recognize that each dog is different, just like their owners.
Yup, that's me: Dog Nerd.

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