In 2009 I started a Twitter account, and since then have not tweeted even once. That is, until today.

I "get" social media and the role it plays in the world of business, but the thought of learning Twitter and maintaining it gave me a headache. I mean if you're a big business dog walker (several employees and an office manger), you might have the time and energy. But I'm not. So between dog walking,ย replying to messages and emails from clients, caring for my own dogs, nutrition work, maintaining Facebook, and the rest of life (all things I love, btw), there was no way I could add Twitter.
Then along cameย Katie. In addition to being one of the most wonderful, conscientious dog walkers I've ever met, she loves social media. She graciously accepted the @oh_my_dog password (promptly changed it) and is making this Tweeting thing finally happen.
Sure it's a long-winded way to say, "we tweet now so please follow us." But it's not like I buried the lead. :)
Follow oh my dog! nutrition too!