How OMD Safety Straps Work

OMD Safety Straps are for dogs who are walked on harnesses. The Safety Strap can be used to connect the collar to the harness, or the collar to the leash. This way you're still using the harness to walk your dog, but in the event he wiggles out of his harness or it breaks, the leash is still connected to the collar. 

You might think that this scenario is one in a million, or that it'll never happen to you. The fact is that it happens all the time, most commonly with skittish/nervous dogs. But all dogs, especially in an urban environment, could benefit from extra security.

At OMD we've been using our Safety Straps for years. As a dog walker and volunteer searcher with Lost and Found Pets Toronto, I've seen first hand the need for extra safety. So we teamed up with a local designer/manufacturer in order to make them available to rescue organizations, industry professionals, and dog owners.


The strap should be removed during playing and swimming to avoid any tangled limbs. The Safety Strap can only perform its intended function if your dog's collar is fitted properly. Please view this video to ensure your collar is fitted to escape-proof specifications.

Sizing based on dog's weight

SMALL: 1 - 20 pounds

MEDIUM: 25 - 45 pounds

LARGE: 50 pounds and up


Prices & Ordering

Each Safety Strap is $10. Special rates are offered on bulk orders of 6 straps or more for industry professionals.  Discounts will also be applied for rescues. Please send an email for shipping rates and local pick up options. Once your oder is finalized, we'll send you a Paypal invoice.

Please feel free to get in touch with any inquiries. OMD Safety Straps were designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada.