I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Oh My Dog! We first met Christine when our puppy was just brand new, and as nervous first time dog parents we felt so fortunate to have found her! She was patient with our many (many!) questions, offered sage advice when asked, and kept us in the loop with how our pup was doing in those early days. She and her team are also incredibly safety conscious, which really put our minds at ease. And more than anything, our dog loves her walks! Since being home on maternity leave I’ve had many interactions with the lovely people who care for our pup, and have seen first hand how gentle and skilled they are with her, and how much she adores them. I wholeheartedly recommend Oh My Dog! to anyone looking for a caring, responsible, and knowledgeable dog walker.
— Alex, Mary & Molly
Oh my dog has been an extended and essential part of our life with Eddie (golden retriever). Christine and the crew have been great with exhausting walks and fun adventures with Eddie. You can see photos of her playing catch in the lake with a friend. The pack is great and Eddie’s a happy dog at the end of the day. Christine has been great with a approach to make our life easier with some flexibilty around our work schedules. I highly recommend Oh my dog. you won’t be disappointed!!
— Tim, Christine & Eddie.
We are so happy to have found Christine, Mackenzie and Shannon! We were new to the neighbourhood and were worried about finding the right people to walk him- and we lucked out finding OMD. It¹s hard to leave our dog, Moose, at home every day when we¹re at work, but it gives us such peace of mind to know that he will have an adventure with his best buds while we¹re gone. The OMD crew is so attentive and caring towards the dogs they walk; Moose leaps with excitement whenever he sees them! He loves getting to explore new parks and go swimming in the summer, and we love how flexible and reliable they are. Some days we have to add or cancel walks, and Christine always accommodates even the most last-minute requests! It makes our lives so much easier! They always let us know if they notice anything unusual about Moose, and it is so nice to feel like he has other people looking out for him and making sure he¹s ok at all times. Thank you OMD!
— Heather, Rob & Moose
I’ve known Christine for over five years now and I can’t say enough positive things about her. She is one of the biggest advocates for animals I know. Being in the ‘biz’ I’ve come to learn there are TONS of people in this city that shouldn’t be walking dogs. Christine is one of the few that I trust with my own dog based on her meticulous track record, her knowledge and passion. I used to live in the west end but recently moved. As I didn’t know of any good walkers in my new neighbourhood, I was very nervous about finding a new one. Even though I wasn’t a client of Christine’s, she went above and beyond to find the dog walker I have now.
— Sarah & Lucy
We think of Christine and the OMD team as members of our extended family. As first time dog owners, we’ve needed a lot of guidance and reassurance, and still do. Christine has patiently held our hands and offered expert advice every step of the way, even before we were officially clients. With OMD’s help, Lycka has successfully and smoothly transitioned from twice-daily puppy visits to hour-long group walks with other pups, she’s learned how to play appropriately with other dogs, and she’s getting lots of on and off leash training. Christine and the OMD team consistently demonstrate how genuinely they care for Lycka, it’s so reassuring to know that she is receiving the very best care. Thank you OMD! We love you.
— Erin , Sean & Lycka
It’s said that it takes a whole village to raise a child, and it seems to be a similar experience when nurturing healthy and happy pets.
My work schedule is unpredictable: as a freelance designer I accept contracts that can last anywhere from twelve weeks to six months, but I know that we can rely on Christine, Shannon and Mackenzie, as a part of our village.
They walk Nell mornings when I cannot. A “walk” with Oh My Dog means care, knowledge, compassion and energy. And extraordinary photographs of dogs at play — who snaps pictures like those without complete devotion and full-on interaction?
I know that Nell loves her buddies, both human and canine, because when I am off in between jobs and out with Nell, she always strains at the leash to say hello when we meet in the neighbourhood. Our cat Peabody also benefits from occasional home visits.
Nell and Peabody are an important part of our family and we feel lucky to have them in our lives; we also feel lucky that we can trust Christine to step in for us when we need calm and organized help.
— Linda & Alan and Nell & Peabody
When we moved into the area, we looked high and low for a walker who would meet our high standards…perhaps I should say ridiculously high standards. In addition to providing daily off-leash walks and reinforcing good recall and manners, we wanted to ensure that whoever we chose was in the business out of a genuine love for animals, so that we’d know Charlie was in good hands. When we met Christine and Katie from ohmydog!, we knew we had hit the gold mine. It’s clear to us that they love Charlie as much as we do – whether it’s sending us a note to let us know something cute Charlie did that day, informing us immediately if they noticed something off with her or providing us with advice on everything from nutrition to medical symptoms, we couldn’t ask for more. By the squeals and kisses that Charlie gives when Christine and Katie arrive at the door, it’s clear she thinks we made the right choice too.
— Josie & Charlie
When Christine began walking Buddha he was already an “old man” and very set in his ways. The new day-time walk routine took a little getting used to, and he wasn’t the easiest customer to integrate into the pack. We’re sure many would have given up, but Christine had the patience to work with Buddha and slowly get him accustomed to his new schedule. He is now so excited for his daily walks, and it’s comforting to know that while we are at work, Buddha is out having some kind of adventure with one of his favourite people. We really admire Christine’s dedication to her profession and the charitable work she does on behalf of animals in need – she is truly the best!
— Wendy Carpenter & Andy Sojczynski (Buddha)
We were referred to Oh my dog! through our puppy’s trainer and, since then, Christine and Katie have become a critical part of Dobby’s life. From dog walking to boarding Dobby in their own homes, Christine and Katie are incredibly professional and flexible. Even on short notice or in emergencies, they never have a problem switching walk days or taking Dobby into their homes for a weekend. What Dobby loves about his walks with them is that there are never too many dogs being walked at the same time, there is PLENTY of off-leash time to frolic in forests and wooded trails and swim in ravines, which they do regularly on their walks. He also loves practicing his recall and other good manners while on his walks. Christine and Katie treat Dobby like he’s their own pup and care for his health and well being as much as we do. They take extra care to pay attention to our dog’s progress and development and even alerted us on a few occasions when our dog had a cold and we didn’t know. Dobby also has severe skin issues and allergies and Christine helped us get him on a home cooked diet — since then he has been a completely different dog — he has calmed down tremendously and is a much happier member of our family. They have been amazing partners in caring for Dobby and we will have a really hard time finding anyone who will meet the high bar they’ve set when we move to our new neighbourhood in the fall. I know Dobby is going to miss his auntie Christine & Katie oh so much.”
— Nadine, Tom & Dobby
I hired a dog walker after changing jobs and moving from a dog-friendly office to one that was dog-free. I found a dog walker on a light-post flier and she seemed nice and responsible. Unfortunately, soon after she started leaving empty coffee cups and filled poop bags on my door step when she dropped off my dog. Several times she called to cancel an hour after she was supposed to show up forcing me to leave work to take care of my dog. My friends began telling me that they noticed her sitting with my dog outside of the Starbucks in my neighbourhood. When I got home from work it was clear that my dog really had to go to the bathroom, so I worried he wasn’t really getting walked at all. Despite all this, I was reluctant to fire her. It’s never easy to fire someone. I didn’t have anyone else and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. When I relayed my dog-walker challenges to the local pet store owner she recommended Christine and ‘oh my dog’. She assured me that she was the best dog walker in town and I should give her a call. I called up Christine and we met at my house. I was really impressed with her knowledge about dogs, from their nutritional and exercise needs to overall well-being, but most of all I could tell she really loved dogs and that mine would be well cared for. I’ve now been with ‘oh my dog’ for a year, and it’s been a really incredible change. My dog went from not really being into other dogs, to friendly, easy-going and playful with any dog he encounters. He’s probably lost about 5 lbs because of the great exercise he gets in wide-open parks (vs. walks around the block) and I’ve never once had to deal with any scheduling surprises. As a dog owner, ‘oh my dog’ has given me peace of mind. Christine often sends me messages if there are any issues of concern and pictures of Gus on his walks. I’m very grateful for the impact ‘oh my dog’ has had on my dog’s health and overall behavior and would encourage anyone not satisfied with their dog walker to make the switch to ‘oh my dog’.
— Lynsey (Gus)
Christine came into our lives via a referral from a friend. I was in despair and felt stuck…. and didn’t know what to do with my two lovely(but completely unruly) pooches. From the minute she came to my home for the initial visit, Christine gave me hope for the possibility of something different. Less than a year later Pete and Daisy are thriving. Christine has helped us to build a whole new relationship with each other and never waivers in her kindness and patience. My darling pups have learned to be well with other dogs and people. Christine has taught me to enjoy, celebrate and have fun with Pete and Daisy. All of this I never would have thought possible. Christine not only brings experience and expertise, but an amazingly powerful energy that fosters wellness and confidence (in dogs and in humans). It is apparent how much she loves what she does. We all look forward to our “Christine days”….she is a doggy angel sent to teach us to laugh, play and love.
— Tanya (Pete & Daisy)
I am so grateful that I found you two as dog walkers, because you both really care, and have provided me so much help and guidance along the way. She’s my first dog ever, so I didn’t know exactly what to do all the time and I always appreciate your tips and feedback, from diet recommendations, to behavioural issues and so forth!!!
— Deborah (Sophie)
What really amazes me about Christine is how clear it is that she loves every dog that she cares for like it was her own. The daily walks are great (Marley is thoroughly happy and just waking up when I get home) and boarding with Christine has been a real lifesaver. Unlike a lot of people I know who feel really guilty about leaving their pets when they have to travel it makes me so happy and comfortable to know that to Marley an overnight with Christine is a mini-vacation. I don’t know what we’d do without Christine!.
— Melissa M. (Marley)
We’ve been with Christine for years now and what can we say? She’s fantastic. Linus loves his walks with her and the pack and we have total trust and confidence in her to take care of him. He comes home happy and tired which is the ideal combination for an active mini schnauzer. Christine clearly loves dogs and understands them. She is a great resource on training and dog nutrition and is always willing to offer suggestions and ideas. She was very helpful to us when we recently adopted a puppy mill rescue. Aside from her professionalism, flexibility and care with her clients, we also greatly admire her dedication to animal welfare and well-being. We couldn’t imagine using anyone else’s services!
— Kathy and Mat (Linus)
We’ve been with Christine for 5 years now. She is totally dependable and very flexible. I think this is simply because Christine loves dogs and enjoys her job. She “gets” dogs and they respond to that. My dog acts like Christine is family – she totally trusts her. And so do I. When my dog fell deeply ill, Christine was pivotal in helping to save her. So I literally trust her with my dog’s life.
— Rachelle C. (Clara)
Our two beagles, Annie & Maggie, think that Christine is wonderful. Every time we take them to board at her home, they get so excited that they drag us to her doorway. When we drop them off they don’t even notice when we’re leaving. We completely trust her to take the best care of our two girls; they love her to pieces and we know that their feelings are reciprocated. In fact, they will be staying with Christine for 3 weeks this Christmas and although we’ll miss them like crazy, we won’t be worried about their welfare one little bit. We very highly recommend both her walking and boarding services.
— Val & Dennis Brown (Annie and Maggie)
Greta loves her walks with Christine and I’m grateful for knowing my dog is being well cared for in my absence. Christine is also always helpful and accommodating of my sometimes-hectic schedule – which both the dog and I appreciate.
— David Barber (Greta)
As the owner of two large and very active Otter Hounds, it has been difficult to find a dog care provider who is reliable and trustworthy. Then we met Christine. Her love for dogs is instantly apparent and she has consistently proven able to responsibly manage the unpredictable personalities of two often-unruly hounds. My dogs have boarded with Christine for the day and overnight and each time came home completely happy. When they see her in the park they run full throttle toward her – which is a pretty good indicator of their comfort. Christine has a genuine gift for dog care and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.
— Kimberley White (Zuzu and Fezziwig)
Christine has been walking my two very large, very unruly 100 lbs plus schnauzer poodle crosses since puppy hood. Despite asking her to spend her afternoons with these two lovable but somewhat demented animals, she has always been reliable, professional, trustworthy and caring. I am sure that only a very special person is capable of doing what she does. Simply put, Christine could never be replaced!
— Peter Tassone (Kai & Umi)
When Graz leaves me in the morning for work (and she only works to make money to buy me treats and stuff) she reminds me that Christine is coming today. I get so excited I don’t know what to do with myself, I try humping her leg – which never goes over well – and then I get distracted by the cheese she leaves me. After my snack I’m pretty pooped so I take a nap and then I hear the familiar sound of keys jingling coming up the steps to the front door. And there she is, MY CHRISTINE. I love her so much! (But I don’t try and hump her leg because I would be in very big trouble) Me and Christine go way back from when I was just a puppy training to be a Seeing-Eye-Dog for the Dog Guides of Canada, and now, I’m an ADULT dog dedicated to an easy-peasy life of leisure and boy do I love Christine. Actually, I think I love Christine just as much as I love Graz – but don’t tell Graz. woof woof
— Trenton (I live with Graz)
Christine has been our savior – the care that she takes with our older girl, Trudy, and the love and affection that Christine has for her is clearly apparent. And when we threw a new puppy, Nina, in the mix, Christine gladly welcomed her, but was so responsible about introducing her to the “pack”, to make sure her regulars were cool with it – something we loved, and respect, totally. We completely trust Christine with our girls – she has a beautiful way with them, and gets their individual (senior/puppy) needs fully. Plus, we harass her a lot, asking SO many questions, we’re just glad that she hasn’t given up on us humans.
— Andrea Pilate (Trudy and Nina)
When I moved to the neighborhood I was worried about who I could possibly find to take care of Baron, my 3 1/2 year old, and more than a little particular, Vizsla. I never dreamed I would find someone who would take care of him as well as I could. I was obviously wrong. I thought it would be difficult to open my home and entrust my best friend to someone else. Wrong again. Christine’s love of dogs and character has made this an effortless process for me and a joy for Baron (so much joy that he’s passed out on the couch when I get home from work every day – a tired Vizsla … miracles do happen!). I can’t imagine what we would do without her. Thank you Christine!
— Indira (Baron)
I trust Christine implicitly with my two dogs, Mika and Lola, whom she has been walking without incident for more than two years now. What I love most is that she loves and cares for them like they were her own. The way my dogs’ faces light up when they see her is more than enough reassurance that there’s no one better suited for this job than Christine. She’s responsible, caring, trustworthy and respectful of all living creatures. What more can anyone ask for?
— Trina Hendry (Mika & Lola)
We have nothing but good things to say about the service that oh my dog! provides… Christine is pleasant, professional, flexible and it is clear she cares about our dogs a great deal. Our two Jack Russell’s have been with her for a couple of years and they really enjoy their time together. We highly recommend.
— Trevor and Maggie (Celiedh & Cole)
Christine is the best! She’s been walking and boarding my dogs for years and they absolutely adore her. I am a busy professional who works long hours and I feel totally confident about their well being every day, knowing they’re in Christine’s hands. She is reliable and professional and very knowledgeable about feeding, training and dog behavior and socialization. Even more importantly, she cares a great deal for all the dogs she walks and is very attentive (she realized my dog ripped his nail off, when I hadn’t even noticed) – and keeps in touch with me regularly about how they’re doing. Plus they’re always tired and happy when I get home. I highly recommend Oh My Dog for any owner who wants the best for their dog.
— Jill Borra (Owen & Ellie)
We can’t say enough good things about Christine and Oh My Dog! In fact we recommend her to everyone looking for a dog walker. Our dog, Brianna, loves going out with Christine and I feel so much better knowing that Christine is there for Bri every day. We trust Christine implicitly because we know she has Brianna’s best interests at heart. Christine has helped to educate us about good nutrition and medicines for Bri that are more holistic which we really appreciate. When we go away without Bri, Christine takes her and it is a huge relief knowing that Bri is with her because Christine knows her so well. Even when we are in a jam Christine is very flexible and so helpful. She has made us better dog owners and has become a real partner in Brianna’s care. Honestly, I don’t know what we would do without Christine!
— Meghan (Brianna)
Christine (oh My Dog) has provided the most reliable, flexible and professional service I have experienced since getting Utah. She provides me with the peace of mind that Utah is in good hands at all times and is constantly accommodating my changing schedule. I always know Utah is getting a great work out as he comes home pretty tired…and usually muddy :) He loves the water, swamps, sticks and other dogs. I always appreciate the photos and Utah loves the home made dog treats!
— Steve (Utah)
Christine of Oh My Dog is incredible, she runs a punctual and highly dependable service, often offers sound advice about Finnley’s welfare and Fin always comes home ready for a nap! The sincerity and flexibility I experience with Oh My Dog keeps me a long standing client, thanks Christine.
— Tom (Finnley)
Christine has been walking our dog Otis since March, 2011 and we couldn’t be happier with the services she has provided for us. Otis gets walked Monday through Friday by Christine. Not only has this been beneficial to his health, but has greatly improved his behavior. He adores her and loves walking with the pack. Christine is extremely flexible with our schedule and very informative when it comes to any changes she may see with Otis. Her concern for Otis’s well being is genuine, she checked in with us daily when Otis was sick and is always available to offer us advice when we have any questions.
— Denise and Steve (Otis)
We can’t say enough about the service and care that Oh My Dog has given to our little girl Kona. Christine and Katie have taken an active role in her development and well being since the day we brought her home as a small puppy. They went above and beyond taking Kona on her daily walks, as first time dog owners they helped us with picking the best food for her, recommended excellent vets and dog trainers in the area, and have made sure that the good behaviors she learned in her classes weren’t forgotten. When it comes to opening up your home and putting the care of your precious pet in someone else’s hands it come down to one thing: trust. Christine and Katie have been there every day for Kona without fail and we have complete trust in them. The level of service Oh My Dog provides is amazing. They are always quick to respond to emails, flexible in last minute changes and provide feedback and photos to us. But the most telling sign of the care they give is the way Kona lights up when she sees one of them… the two ladies at Oh My Dog really are like her second family. Thank you Christine and Katie.
— Tyler, Erin & Kona