Off-leash Adventures

$22 Group Walk full time rate, minimum 3 walks per week

One hour in duration, this is not a stroll though the concrete jungle, it’s a stimulating adventure. On a group walk, your dog will visit a park, ravine or trail with 5 other dogs. The places we frequent vary, depending on who’s in the group and how much time we have to spend together, but can include Humber Bay Park, High Park, various ravines and trails, and occasionally Trinity Bellwoods. At the park, dogs are free to run off leash, swim, wrestle, or poke about, as they please. On a group walk we never miss an opportunity to work with the dogs by reinforcing good recall and good manners. Only socialized, dog-friendly dogs are taken on group walks. Until we’re confident in your dog’s recall, he/she will only be walked on-leash or off-leash within an enclosed park.

On-leash strolls

$22 Group Walk - full time rate, minimum 3 walks per week

One hour in duration, this walk takes your dog on a guided tour of the neighbourhood. On route to local green spaces, they’ll pick up their pals along the way. We’ll visit different spots and take different routes to ensure that all dogs are stimulated, and happy.

Puppy Visits

$18 - one/day
$26 - two/day

This service is for people with puppies who are too young to “hold it” and too young for group walks. With very young pups, two visits/day is recommended for those who work the usual nine-to-five. The first visit is a quick potty break and lunch, and the second visit is usually a bit longer and includes a potty break, some playtime, and a short walk. On every visit we will work on positive training, update you with details (we know that you want to know if your puppy peed/pooped), and clean out crates and change bedding if any accidents have occurred.

Around four months old, puppies are usually ready for group walks. We strongly encourage all neighbourhood puppy owners to attend socialization and training classes as soon as possible.

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